English A1-B1

Quant temps has estudiat anglès?
Quin és el darrer any que has estudiat anglès?
M’interessa fer un curs intensiu el juliol o un curs d’octubre a juny
Choose the correct answer: there is only ONE right answer
What is this? ______ a car.

Is that your pen? ______.

Hello Jane! How are you? ______.

What ______ your job, John? I’m an executive.

What’s Marcel’s job? ______a teacher.

Who’s that woman? ______ my neighbour.

______ are you from? I’m from China.

______ do you work with? With Mark.

Here are my brothers. They are ______.

Where is the book? It’s ______ the table.

I speak English and he ______ Spanish.

Does she ______ a brother? No, only a sister.

______ she play football? Yes, twice a week.

What’s the ______? It’s 10 o’clock.

It’s half past two.

There ______ a good shop in this street.

Are there ______ books in that bag?

There ______ any good restaurants in this town.

______ is this second-hand car? It’s 2000 pounds.

Do you sometimes ______ to Buenos Aires?

I ______ to Paris next week. I bought the tickets yesterday.

What ______? I’m reading a comic.

On Sundays I usually play football, but this Sunday I ________ tennis.

My car is ______ than his.

She’s the ______ worker in the company.

Your sofa is ______ than my armchair.

______ summer I spend my holidays in France.

I ______ in London yesterday.

______ tennis yesterday? Yes, at 4 o’clock.

She ______ to work yesterday because she was ill.

John ____________ the tickets for the concert.

____________ the film yet?

I ______ here for twenty years, and I don’t want to move.

Have you met the new workmate? Yes, I ______ her yesterday.

___________ to New York?

He ______ for the bus since 10 o’clock.

I really need to see him. I’ve got ______ questions to ask him.

Barcelona is nice but there are ______ cars there.

Peter ______ a shower when I arrived.

Yesterday at 8 o’clock I ________ TV.

When the police arrived the thief ______.

When I got to the station it was too late, the train _________ five minutes before.

I’ve got a terrible headache. You ______ take an aspirin.

John _______ work from 9 o’clock until 5.00

Teachers are lucky because they ______ work in summer.

You’ve just had dinner. You _______ hungry already.

If the weather is warmer tomorrow, we ______ a picnic.

If Anna ______ a little taller, she could be a model.

Susan _______ the exam If she had studied harder.

I wish he ______ smoking.

The man______ lives next door is from Alaska.

That’s the man ____________.

The car ______ two days ago.

Many new houses ______ in the centre of town.

Capital punishment ________ long ago.

When I was a child, I _______ go to school on foot.

It isn’t easy to get used ______ so early.

Mary: “I went skiing”. Jill: “Mary said that she ______ skiing”.

The teacher told him ______.

1-What is your best friend like? Describe him/her.
2-What do you usually do in your free time?
3-What did you do during your last holidays?
4-What are your plans for the weekend?
5-Your friend has got a terrible headache. Give him/her some advice.
6-What would you do if you saw an accident?
7-You had a meeting but couldn’t arrive on time. Apologise and give an excuse.
8- How has your life changed from ten years ago to now?