English B2

Quant temps has estudiat anglès?
Quin és el darrer any que has estudiat anglès?
M’interessa fer un curs intensiu el juliol o un curs d’octubre a juny

Please, answer the following questions:

What is this? ______ a car.

Is that your pen? ______.

Hello Jane! How are you? ______.

What ______ your job, John? I’m an executive.

What’s Marcel’s job? ______a teacher.

Who’s that woman? ______ my neighbour.

______ are you from? I’m from China.

______ do you work with? With Mark.

Here are my brothers. They are ______.

Where is the book? It’s ______ the table.

I speak English and he ______ Spanish.

Does she ______ a brother? No, only a sister.

______ she play football? Yes, twice a week.

What’s the ______? It’s 10 o’clock.

It’s half past two.

There ______ a good shop in this street.

Are there ______ books in that bag?

There ______ any good restaurants in this town.

______ is this second-hand car? It’s 2000 pounds.

Do you sometimes ______ to Buenos Aires?

I ______ to Paris next week. I bought the tickets yesterday.

What ______? I’m reading a comic.

On Sundays I usually play football, but this Sunday I ________ tennis.

My car is ______ than his.

She’s the ______ worker in the company.

Your sofa is ______ than my armchair.

______ summer I spend my holidays in France.

I ______ in London yesterday.

______ tennis yesterday? Yes, at 4 o’clock.

She ______ to work yesterday because she was ill.

John ____________ the tickets for the concert.

____________ the film yet?

I ______ here for twenty years, and I don’t want to move.

Have you met the new workmate? Yes, I ______ her yesterday.

___________ to New York?

He ______ for the bus since 10 o’clock.

I really need to see him. I’ve got ______ questions to ask him.

Barcelona is nice but there are ______ cars there.

Peter ______ a shower when I arrived.

Yesterday at 8 o’clock I ________ TV.

When the police arrived the thief ______.

When I got to the station it was too late, the train _________ five minutes before.

I’ve got a terrible headache. You ______ take an aspirin.

John _______ work from 9 o’clock until 5.00

Teachers are lucky because they ______ work in summer.

You’ve just had dinner. You _______ hungry already.

If the weather is warmer tomorrow, we ______ a picnic.

If Anna ______ a little taller, she could be a model.

Susan _______ the exam If she had studied harder.

I wish he ______ smoking.

The man______ lives next door is from Alaska.

That’s the man ____________.

The car ______ two days ago.

Many new houses ______ in the centre of town.

Capital punishment ________ long ago.

When I was a child, I _______ go to school on foot.

It isn’t easy to get used ______ so early.

Mary: “I went skiing”. Jill: “Mary said that she ______ skiing”.

The teacher told him ______.



Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.

1. 'Why don't you come over for dinner at the weekend?' he asked her. suggested

He for dinner at the weekend.

2. His boss won't tolerate lateness. put

His boss won't lateness

3. The school I studied at last year was better than this one. good

This school my last one.

4. He often speaks in public. used

He in public.

5.Although he is sick, he is planning on going to school. despite

he’s planning on going to school.

6. I’m sorry I didn’t phone him. wish

I him.

7. The students will finish their English course at the end of June. have

The English course the beginning of July.

8. I would prefer to have a light lunch. rather

I a light lunch.

9. The children are always fascinated by nature programmes on TV. find

The children when they watch them on TV.

10. It is difficult for Paul to decide what to do. mind

Paul finds it difficult what to do.

11. Looking back, I think I was right to study mathematics at university. regret

Looking back, I mathematics at university.


Read the text and use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line.

The most way of learning a language is by living in


the country concerned, but parents should think before they


send their children abroad. Although some arrange visits


for children as young as ten, the of them won’t be ready


to stay away from home and deal with differences until they


are in their teens. Even then they will need a basic of the


language and some experience of foreign travel before they go.

Exchange visits are a good way for to improve their


language skills. It is a good idea for them to exchange


before the visits. Host families should not feel any


to provide an extensive programme of . It is more


important to make the guest feel welcome.

Travel can the mind, and exchange visits give young people


experience of a different way of life as well as a different language.


Read the following letter and fill the gaps with the correct tense of the verb in brackets.
Dear Sir/Madam.

I (write) in reply to your advertisement for Tour Guides in last Sunday’s Telegraph. At the moment, I (study) Tourism at the London Tourism Academy. I (finish) my course next June and (be) available to start work from the start of July. Apart from studying Tourism, I (do) a part-time French translation course.

Although I (never/go) to France, last year I (go) to Belgium for two months to work as an au-pair in a French family and my spoken French (be) quite good.

I also (speak) German, though not as fluently as French, and by the time I complete the Tourism course I (take) the Oxford Intermediary Exams in both German and French.

With regards to my previous work experience, I (work) many times as local tour guide in my home town, and I think I have the relevant qualities and experience to be able to do the job well.

If you require any further information, I can be contacted by telephone on 0171 223 565.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Katherine Jenkins


Write an answer to ONE of the questions. Write your answer in 80-90 words.
1) You have been doing a class project on how people live today. Your teacher has asked you to write a composition giving your opinions on the following statement:
Life is much better today than in the past.
2) Your English pen-friend wants to start learning your language and has written to you for advice and information. Write a letter to your pen-friend, giving advice about how to learn your language and telling him or her what you think the main difficulties will be. Do not write any addresses.
Write your letter.